Membership with Kia

Membership's about to get even better, and we've brought a new supporter along for the ride

Staff Writer

17 Oct 22

As any Member knows, having a Picturehouse Membership means you can enjoy all the best things about Picturehouse for even better value, with free tickets, discounts on food and drink, Priority Booking across all our films and events, and much, much more.

But Membership just got even better yet again with our Membership partner Kia! We've introduced some great new Members perks for this year, with free screenings and free hot drinks!

Plus, we're bringing more familiar favourites into the fold, so whatever kind of Membership you've got, we can't wait for you to enjoy these new perks. 

Familiar favourites: extra Member Free Tickets

After running as a temporary offer, we've received such great feedback that extra Member Free Tickets are now a standard part of Picturehouse Membership. Members will now get 5 free tickets with Membership, or 10 free tickets with Member Plus.

Introducing: your new benefits

Free Discover and reDiscover films

Members can now benefit from free entry to all Discover and reDiscover films at Picturehouse Cinemas across the land. We want you to enjoy seeing more films. Simple as that. So now you can, for free, whether you're on the cutting edge with Discover or revisiting classics with reDiscover.

What's Discover?
Giving under-the-radar releases a red carpet reception, Discover invites you to explore the very best in arthouse and world cinema. Link to Discover page

What's reDiscover?
From beloved classics to unearthed gems, reDiscover reintroduces you to the very best films of yesterday – be that last decade or last century. Link to reDiscover page

Valid until Jan 3 2023. Terms and conditions apply.

Free teas and filter coffees

There's nothing better than a hot drink to keep you cosy at the cinema – so now Members can enjoy teas and filter coffee on the house, weekdays until 5pm! Plus, it costs just £1 to upgrade if you'd like a little extra from our baristas.

Valid until Jan 3 2023. Terms and conditions apply.

There's never been a better time to join or renew your Membership. Click here to become a Picturehouse Member. To find out more about Kia, head to their Partnership page, or discover their full range at