Download The Picturehouse App Version 3.0

Welcome to the new and improved third release of the Picturehouse Cinemas ticket booking app.

John-Paul Pierrot

15 Aug 17

Download via Google Play for Android or via the App Store for iOS.

It's the best booking experience wherever you are. Discover what's on by easily searching film and event times, watch the latest trailers and securely book tickets.

The enhanced design makes booking much smoother and slicker. Cut out the fuss by adding your tickets to Apple Wallet and you can go straight to the screen on your visit.

Good news if you're a Picturehouse Members - there's a lot of additional functionality exclusively for you. Sign in to your MyPicturehouse account in order to get your Member tickets and access a Digital Membership Card. You can also update your personal information, view your purchase history and even see how many Member Free Tickets you have remaining.

Picturehouse Members – How to sign in

Picturehouse Members can sign in to the ticket booking app using their MyPicturehouse user name and password. Forgotten your details? Head on over to MyPicturehouse:

If you have never signed-in to your online account before you must activate your Membership Card. You can do this at and following the instructions.

Why sign in?

Picturehouse Members will be able to update their personal information, view purchase history (up to 30 days), check on rewards, use a virtual Membership card if you've left your physical card at home and regularly book tickets without populating your information again and again. The app is also integrated with Apple Wallet (Passbook) and further exciting new feature will be added in the near future.

In order to book Member tickets (£2 discount), persons must sign in using their email linked to their Membership account.


Its all in the details. Thank you for using version 1.0 of the app. We are constantly making changes to improve performance and will be launching exciting new features in the future. In the meantime, if you have noticed anything that needs fixing or want to let us know what you think, please complete our feedback form.