Documentaries at Sundance London

Thu 29 July to Sun 1 August, Picturehouse Central

John-Paul Pierrot

07 Jul 21

Documentaries at Sundance London have produced some of the festival show-stoppers in recent years including 2019's Hail, Satan and Audience-Award winner Icarus (Audience Award-winner in 2018).

This year, the festival's documentary features share an equally impactful cinematic experience.

Sam Hobkinson's Misha and The Wolves stylishly blends re-enactments, interviews, and archival footage to tell a vivid story about truth, deception, and self-preservation.

Writing With Fire acts as an electrifying reminder to never underestimate the strength of a woman who's had enough.

Co-directors Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri's The Most Beautiful Boy In The World is a thoughtful and quietly devastating meditation on obsession, trauma, and the cost of fame, telling the story of Björn Andrésen, and the burden he faced as a consequence of being proclaimed to be "the world's most beautiful boy."

Nanfu Wang's In The Same Breath, which builds a damning indictment of Chinese and American leadership's response to the pandemic, signals her return to the Festival following her 2019 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning documentary One Child Nation.

Don't miss Shaping The Truth - Documentary Ethics and Filmmaking where our filmmakers join the panel for a wide-ranging discussion. Hosted by Doc Society's Shanida Scotland and featuring guests including directors Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri (The Most Beautiful Boy In The World), and Sam Hobkinson (Misha and the Wolves). The guests will discuss filmmaking practice, ethics and responsibility in documentary, when it comes to questions of truth, authenticity and duty to real world subjects.

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