Adobe at Sundance Film Festival: London 2022 | Announcement

We're delighted to welcome Adobe back as our Presenting Partner at Sundance London.

The Picturehouse Team

08 Jun 22

With Sundance Film Festival: London almost here, we couldn't be happier to be welcoming Adobe back as our Presenting Partner for the festival. As we prepare to celebrate all the best that the fest has to offer, Simon Morris (Senior Director, Marketing at Adobe) shares his thoughts on why it's so important to give up and coming filmmakers the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Bold and brave storytelling is inspiring, and after the last few years, now more so than ever. Nothing beats going to the cinema and immersing yourself in a good story. As humans, storytelling is part of our DNA; it's our way of making sense of the world, so I find it fascinating when filmmakers have the power to move, entertain, or ignite change through the stories they tell.

Sundance is, and has always been, a springboard for new and emerging talent. Renowned worldwide for its ability to unearth new voices and talent from across filmmaking and storytelling it offers an opportunity for creative visionaries to take risks and shine a light on issues that are front of mind for filmmakers and audiences around the globe. 

At Adobe, we're committed to empowering and celebrating filmmakers and underrepresented creators everywhere. And now more than ever, film and storytelling have the power to bring us together, invite new perspectives and create change. That's why, from 9 June, we're thrilled to be returning as Sundance Film Festival's presenting partner for the third year running in London; everyone has a story to tell, and our tools help to level the playing field, giving filmmakers the opportunity to make their voices heard and bring their ideas to life on the big screen.

Powering the industry 

As increasing numbers of Hollywood feature films and television shows are choosing Adobe Premiere Pro, so too is the independent film world. Some fantastic indie productions are being shown at this year's Festival, the majority of which were created using Adobe technology.

A perfect example of this is We Met In Virtual Reality. Director Joe Hunting, who'll be joining us at the festival, used Adobe Premiere Pro and other Creative Cloud apps to create his incredible documentary, told from inside the world of VR. Adobe products have shaped over half of the programme this year, helping independent filmmakers hone their vision with ease.

Empowering young creators 

Since 2015, the Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellowship Program has empowered a new generation of filmmakers from all backgrounds, and provided the necessary tools, mentorship and community they need to foster independent filmmaking.

Sundance Ignite is a year-long program, open to emerging documentary and narrative filmmakers aged 18-25. It provides them the tools and resources needed to advance in their careers. From the Fellowship, members get both mentorship and internship opportunities as well as entry to the Sundance Film Festival, and a one-year Creative Cloud subscription. 

We are proud that to date, 90 incredibly talented Fellows have completed the program. And here are some other accomplishments:

Ten fellows have had their films premiere at the Sundance Film Festival

Five fellows have participated in other fellowships, intensives, or summits

Nine fellows have interned at labs in the film industry

On June 10 at the Festival, we've worked closely with Sundance's organisers and Picturehouse to create a dedicated stream for Sundance Ignite members, designed to give them the most they can from the festival. And we want to share that with the wider creative community!

To give an exclusive look at the Sundance Ignite experience at the event, we're putting our feed into the hands of 2021 Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellow, Lindiwe Makgalemele. Lindiwe will be sharing pictures and videos on the @AdobeUK Instagram Stories feed. So be sure to go and check out what a day at Sundance looks like, especially for one of our Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellowship members. 

 The Ignite Day events Lindiwe will join includes: 

11.00-12:30 | Art of Editing Panel

14:00-15:00 | Funding for Emerging Talents Panel

15:00-17:00 | Film Screening and Q&A: We Live in Virtual Reality with filmmaker Joe Hunting

The Sundance Film Festival is a great opportunity to find out about the newest storytellers coming through the industry, and to support their creative efforts. We're thrilled to have our ongoing partnership with Sundance and are excited to see what emerging talent is on show this year. 

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Sundance Film Festival: London takes place from 9 to 12 June. Get your festival passes and general tickets now.