About the season

Movies That Made Us is a season curated by the team behind Black Femme Film, a collective that works to create safe, positive spaces for young black women to enjoy cinema.

This screening is in partnership with Dark Matter agency as part of their work with Picturehouse Cinemas to engage and develop Black audiences.

Mean Girls

Sun 3 Oct, 16.00 at Picturehouse Central, London — Book Now

Co-founder Nabilla on Mean Girls: Lindsay Lohan has always been my favourite child star. As a cult classic, this film is full of one-liners and has influenced pop culture for a whole group of people, who know not to make "Fetch" happen.

Set It Off

Fri 8 Oct, 21.00 at Ritzy, London — Book Now

Co-founder Alegría on Set It Off: From the first bank robbery scene, I was completely hooked. My ideas of what was possible expanded in that instant. Although sad in moments, the triumph of female friendship, queer love, self-actualisation and just a really bloody great soundtrack let me know that whatever I could imagine, I could most definitely make on-screen.

The Truman Show

Sat 16 Oct, 20.30 at Hackney, London — Book Now

Co-founder Stefanie on The Truman Show: I picked this film because I think it shows the ridiculousness of reality. At the time of its release, it probably didn't know it would predict how we ingest content or see ourselves - and we all currently have Main Character Syndrome. This is an insightful look at modern life, ethics and media as well as how and we see ourselves in the bigger picture.


Sun 24 Oct, 17.30 at Finsbury Park, London Book Now

Co-founder Monique on Moonlight: This film changed everything. It opened our eyes to stories we otherwise don't see in such a beautiful way. Even though the story is painful, it's speckled with true moments of warmth, humanity and love. Barry Jenkins set a new benchmark, and I'm so grateful that he's spearheaded a new way to tell Black stories.

Waiting To Exhale

Fri 29 Oct, 20.45 at Ritzy, London — Book Now

Co-founder Martha on Waiting To Exhale: I picked this film because I love a 'trials and tribulation' story, but especially the sisterhood - there's Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett, what more is there to want? No one is perfect but they're not tortured - you see everyone go through it and come out shining in their own way. And that soundtrack!